Monday, June 02, 2008

Sundown 84km Completed!

I completed my Sundown 84km Ultramarathon in 12hr 9mins! I was hoping for a sub 11hr but i guess my body was not well prepared or conditioned to achieve the target timing. Nevertheless, i gained a lot from this ultra unique experience, i understand how my body will react when running such long distance, effects of more than 12hrs of continuous pounding on concrete n tarmac surfaces, overcoming the zzz monsters during all night runs and more....
To complete any UltraMarathon Distance race is never an Easy Mission. Although we had planned and trained to better prepare n condition ourself for this Ultramarathon. But, still we were not be fully prepared, as we all discovered in this endeavour !! A slight sudden movement when the body is tired and cramps started to set in , no matter how the minor turns or bends maybe can caused major problems, and derailed our objective. I was doing Alright( on track to achieve the sub 11hr target) till i reached 69 km SGRunners's Support Station, when i decided to change into a lighter shoes for a faster finish. Not realising that my feet have swollen a lot, and that the shoe fit will feel very uncomfortable n become a constant irritant !! Thereafter, sadly.. along the sandy portion of bedok reservoir trail , I had to bend down several time to adjust the socks n loosen the yankz lace on the shoe that resulted in major muscle pull around the right butt area!! With the already weakened quads, every step after the 72km mark was embarrassingly painful, my run pace was as fast as my grandma's walking pace!!! I chosen to walk the last 12km to the finish to avoid major injury!!
Sundown Ultra's Postmortem:
1) Did our 25/5 strategy work well?
We did the first marathon loop with 25 mins run ( @ 6.5 to 7 mins pace) and recovery walk for 5mins according to our plan n completed the first 42km in 5hr 5mins. Comparing to my own Kedah's 50km Ultramarathon's experience where i ran at my own comfortable steady pace and completed the 50km in 5hr 6mins. I felt that i had the similar level of muscle fatigue at 50km mark in both instances!

HindSights : Objective of the Run / Walk was to reduce n minimise muscle fatigue as the route along coastal road n ECP is rather long n flat! The R/W Strategy works well along this flat stretch. As for the remaining portion of the route, the run is frequently interrupted by traffic lights n bridges, may be steady pace run strategy maybe more appropriate n more effective!

2) Should i have run through the pains?
After i experienced the unfamiliar sharp pains that radiated down from right butt area to knee, my pace slowed down tremendously. Not wanting to aggravate the discomforts into major injury and also the realisation that i will not be able a sub 11hr despite i was just less than 12km from finish!! I made a decision to walk the rest of the distance! The long slow walk was not just physical painful as the adrenaline wore off, but also emotionally embarrassing when other runners struggling and still running at their best efforts to the Finish!!!

Hindsight : Maybe, I would have continued running despite of my slow pace with short walk breaks, at least the adrenaline produced will lessen the pains . Walking is not for my Soul n Emotional Well Beings in this instance!!! Hmm.. Egotistic Male Syndrome!! The Butt Pains have receded, and i can happily confirmed that i am not a victim of ITBS yet!! :)

3) Anti- Inflammatory Analgesic KefenTech Plaster with 30mg Ketoprofen help prevent my forefoot metatarsal pains?

I have been experiencing forefoot metatarsal pains after every long LSD runs since last December . Although , the hot sensations and the pains at the forefoot will dissipate after a day or two, these pains and discomforts have been constant Nags and Worry!!!
On a friend's recommendation, i decided to stick the medicated plaster on both the foot n heel area proir the UltraMarathon. To my surprise, i did not suffered any forefoot or heel pains after this ultra long run??? It Works???

HindSight : The Ketoprofen Plaster Works! Hmm... Inconclusive , as it the first time i applied the plaster on the feet before a long run. Hope it is the Solution!


runmondeo said...

Hi DO, congrats on completing the ultra! No shame in walking lah, you came in comfortably under the cut-off. Yah, at that point, every little irritant matters. The effectiveness of ketoprofen ar? No real harm basically, probably some effect but not sure how much its been proven to have. -dkw

Anonymous said...

Truly inspiring blog.
Hope to do one ultra run 1 day.


DO said...

dkw... haha.. not used too many people overtaking me mah!! Like coach Guy said" need to improve yr core muscles n work on the proper landing!! Feet is the main source of runners injuries.." Thanks!

DO said...

Hi.. Thanks for dropping by.. I am sure that U will realise yr Ultra dream soon.. Cheers!

BFG said...

Great insights... and thanks for sharing your experience.

I also tried the run/walk method (6 min run, 1 min walk) and found that my recovery was really good. This is just for a 42k, but compared to my first marathon, this time is really easy. Back to jogging one day after the race.

And if I ever want to do a 84k ultra, I'll be sure to seek your advice. :)

DO said...

bfg.. Great Recovery!! Sure, we can share running experiences. Cheers!


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