Sunday, July 27, 2008

2nd Human Race Trainings Run!

The Weather was Cool n Nice when we did our 2nd Nike Human Race at River Promenade ( RP) this morning. Just before the start of the run, Ben Pulham from Racers Toolbox has to change the run route slightly due to some construction near Zouk. He briefed the Running leaders on the route changes.
His Warm-up dynamic stretching was fun, i am still finding difficult to balance myself doing them! That's why he is an Elite, i am just an average runner!!
Lots of MR25 guys running there today, they chionged from the start, setting a Hot Pace for the runners. I ran with the Midpack and positioned myself at critical points to direct n cheer the runners. Although, i run the PR area many times during the evening I-Runs, it is much Nicer running there without the Dining Crowds! I truly enjoyed myself running up and down cheering n motivating the runners. As usual, i was the last few to cross the finish line!!! haha.. i am getting slower but good that i am losing weights too!!
The after-run breakfast snacks includes apples, banana, isotonic drinks n subway sandwiches! I took the Turkey sandwich, it tasted great!!
Sassy was the Lucky one to walk away with the Top Lucky Draw prize.. A Ipod Nano!!

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