Friday, July 04, 2008

Busy Week!

Saturday, Went for Early Morning, from my nest to OUTR(includes part of Animiles Route)n back abt 20km. Evening joined the Mega Feasting at Safra MF's BBQ @ Aloha Changi! At Midnight, several of us went Changi Simei CC did the Skipping Charity Event! I did enough to donate abt 200 bowls of Rice to the Needy!

Sunday's Morning, I did the PI Pure 12km Run, completed in 57mins. Joined the SGRunner's Post MR 15km Fam Run's makan session after the PI run.
Mon, did a short 5km around my nest before rushing off to settle some urgent matter.
Tue, helped out I-Run @River Promenade!
Wed, Did a 10km Tempo Run @ IBP
Thur, Lasik Enhancement at SNEC then in the evening helped out I Run in CBD area!

TGIF!!! Happy 4th July!! Freedom Day!

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