Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Durian Run!!!

The Durian Run was very Fun! It was filled with Jokes n Laughters!! Haha... Two "Old Birds" trying Hard to teach a "Spring Chicken" about "Birds n Bees" while dashing through IMH n HSP !

Yes, there was just 3 of us doing the Inaugural Durian Run. The Run Leader, young Tohmin, Paul( White Hair Golden Boy who first met Brokie under the FatBird !) n the old bone, DO. I arrived at the meeting place early. Paul was next and i recognised from I-Run and that he staying around my area as well! Tohmin was last and was 10 mins late!!! We did a loop around the stadium area and checked if any "Durian Runners" might be waiting at the wrong spot!

We proceeded to IMH via YCK rd. On route there, we ran passed the last remaining Malay Kampung which has at least 2 Durian Trees in their compound. The Malay compound still retains its old rustic n simple ways. We ran a loop with the IMH compound which quiet n shady for most part till we ran passed a IMH's housing block where we heard shouts, screams n laughters !! The Young Tohmin remarked that he like to run there during night , it reminds him of the Wild Wild Days and Night in OK bars n Pubs !!! Seow Liao, mayb this young one "selamated" from that compound not too long ago!!

We continued to Buangkok mrt, where Paul shared with us his Hash Runs Adventures !! We found out that he stayed in Thailand for nearly 2 decades and running a small hardware business there. He speaks Thai and his wife is Thai too!!! We ran passed SengKang CC where the Punggol Runners starts their runs. Paul indicated that he will join Mike Kang for some of their runs there. Made our U-Turn at Punngol MRT station, ran along the Serangoon River back to Kovan Via SengKang East way! That's How our 15km extended to more than 20km!!

Went to Kovan for our drinks n makan .. no ..we din eat Durians!!! Well.. we did run pass some Durian Trees n many Stalls selling the King of Fruits !!!

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