Saturday, September 20, 2008

Nike Air Zoom Speed Cage!

Found this description from a japanese website translated .. "Nike Air Zoom speed cage is a lightweight and cushioned with a high level in both the revolutionary , 1 km to 4 to 5 minutes, a full marathon 3 Hours to 4 hours of running shoes for runners seeking. "

Speed Cage is Japanese Version of Air Zoom Katana Cage 3 with wider 2E toebox !
* Light and breathable mesh upper with supportive synthetic overlays and perforated lining
* Full-length Phylon midsole and low-profile heel caged Zoom Air unit for highly responsive cushioning
* BRS 1000 Podular heel zone and Duralon lateral forefoot for a soft yet durable outsole and medial toe-off zone
Took the Speed Cage for 24km run at Team FatBird's Marathon Training Run @ ECP. The shoe felt very Light and Responsive especially along the coastal road's tarmac, where it fully exhibited it's excellent performance. It's Heel n Forefoot Cushions will be able to handle the hard concrete surfaces upto at least 30km.
I planning to beef up this racer's forefoot cushion with my sorbothane gel insole for my next LSD marathon training run. I believe that the beefed-Up Cage can go the full marathon distance with ample protection n cushion!
Performance-Training: Recommended either for racing or, if you're biomechanically efficient, for training. They have varying degrees of support and cushioning, but they're generally lighter (most weigh around 10 ounces) and fit like a glove.

CUSHIONING: How soft/firm the midsole is in the heel. Too soft, and it may lack durability. Too firm, and it might not provide enough protection.

FLEXIBILITY: How much energy it takes to flex the shoe at toe-off. Generally, lighter runners need more flexibility than heavier ones.

RESPONSIVENESS: How smoothly a shoe moves with your foot from heel-strike to toe-off. In general, more cushioned and/or flexible shoes will be less responsive. Lighter, more efficient runners tend to prefer these shoes.


Runnerz said...

Hey... Very interesting indeed but I was just wondering how is it compared to the Lunar Trainer+ which is already simple amazing? I'm still waiting for the Luna Racer+ though.

DO said...

Speed Cage is more a Long Distance Performance Racer closer to Lunar Racer! I love the responsiveness n lightweight but will not use her too often for regular LSD training runs though .. Cheers!

Realrunner said...

Hi DO,
How about stability (protection of overpronation)? the plastic plate from mid foot to heel seems to be stabilizer, isnt it?

DO said...


Speed Cage is for Neutral Gait Runners.. no medial support for overpronator. The toe box is 2E, so this model is not be suitable for U.



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