Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nike Lunar Trainer!!

Can't wait to test trial this New " Moon Shoes " from Nike!!!
Here is it's review from Sneaker Freaker Magazine!

Typically, if a runner wants to log a lot of mileage training, they’d expect footwear with extra cushioning and support to handle the demand of the road. The LunarTrainer set out to overturn those expectations—and did it using Nike’s revolutionary new cushioning system, Lunarlite foam. Nike’s lightest weight and most responsive cushioning material to date, Lunarlite foam is 30% lighter than Nike Phylon, our next lightest performance foam and works to distribute force across the foot. With each footfall, pressure is dispersed—protecting the foot from injury as well as pain and fatigue—a huge benefit in a shoe meant for mileage.

Developed by the aerospace industry, Lunarlite foam was adapted by Nike for running. The process took more than four years, but you could easily say the LunarTrainer was more than 30 years in the making. Lunarlite foam got its start when Nike designer Kevin Hoffer wanted to create a cushioning system as revolutionary as Bill Bowerman’s original Waffle sole. Geoff Hollister, one of Bowerman’s runners as well as one of Nike’s first employees, first tried a Waffle prototype in 1971 and likened it to “running on pillows.” This very quote inspired Hoffer’s search for cushioning that recreated that sensation—a nearly impossible order. Foam is rarely responsive and soft. Soft cushioning is frequently deadening, meaning it absorbs energy rather than returning it to the runner for the toe off.

However, once Hoffer found his material with Lunarlite foam, it had to be tamed. The compound had to be reformulated for manufacturing, and Lunarlite foam itself can't be exposed to water—or to air or even sunlight—without degrading. The design team had to create an entire system—a carrier that could contain the Lunarlite foam material. Once it had been perfected, the designers set out to design a training shoe that paid homage to its original inspiration.

The Waffle’s first incarnation was the Moon Shoe, which debuted at the 1972 marathon trials. The design team kept the iconic look and lightweight simplicity of the Moon Shoe’s upper but updated it with a single-layer mesh. As Brian Stewart, one of the designers who worked on the project, explains, “We wanted to create a really simple upper, because the whole idea about the LunarTrainer is that it's light and uncomplicated, and at the same time it's a shoe you can run in big miles, but it's way lighter than most shoes that people would think about doing that with.”

Perfecting the outsole required many iterations to work out the proper balance with the Lunarlite foam material. The initial outsole and midsole systems were wide, almost exaggerated to compensate for people’s perceptions of cushioning that light. The design team narrowed it down until they found the perfect ratio of size and stability. Wear-testers of even the earliest prototypes came back with rave reviews. They said in the LunarTrainer they felt less beat up after long runs. They reported they wanted to run longer and after long training runs their legs didn’t feel as beat up. Now in keeping with its original inspiration, the LunarTrainer has a rubber Waffle outsole for increased durability, and at just over 9 ounces, the shoe is nearly 4 ounces lighter than most training footwear.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

2nd Human Race Trainings Run!

The Weather was Cool n Nice when we did our 2nd Nike Human Race at River Promenade ( RP) this morning. Just before the start of the run, Ben Pulham from Racers Toolbox has to change the run route slightly due to some construction near Zouk. He briefed the Running leaders on the route changes.
His Warm-up dynamic stretching was fun, i am still finding difficult to balance myself doing them! That's why he is an Elite, i am just an average runner!!
Lots of MR25 guys running there today, they chionged from the start, setting a Hot Pace for the runners. I ran with the Midpack and positioned myself at critical points to direct n cheer the runners. Although, i run the PR area many times during the evening I-Runs, it is much Nicer running there without the Dining Crowds! I truly enjoyed myself running up and down cheering n motivating the runners. As usual, i was the last few to cross the finish line!!! haha.. i am getting slower but good that i am losing weights too!!
The after-run breakfast snacks includes apples, banana, isotonic drinks n subway sandwiches! I took the Turkey sandwich, it tasted great!!
Sassy was the Lucky one to walk away with the Top Lucky Draw prize.. A Ipod Nano!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Will RUNNING ruin my knees?

Interesting Articles for Runners!!!
Studies show that non-runners are more likely to develop osteoarthritis than those who regularly pound the pavement
From Friday's Globe and Mail
June 27, 2008 at 9:24 AM EDT
This is a fear that stops many would-be runners in their tracks and lurks in the back of the mind of even the most experienced runners. Running and injuries go together like shin splints and ice, so it's entirely reasonable to wonder about the prospects of long-term damage.

These fears should be put to rest by a pair of long-term studies due to be published this year.

In next month's Skeletal Radiology, a team of Austrian radiologists presents knee MRIs of seven runners who had taken part in a previous MRI study before running the Vienna marathon in 1997. The use of MRIs offers a significant diagnostic advantage compared to earlier studies that relied on X-rays.

The results were clear: no new damage in the knee joints of the six subjects who had continued running in the intervening decade. "In contrast, the only person who had given up long-distance running showed severe deterioration in the intra-articular structures of his knee," the authors note.

An even more long-term study at Stanford University has been following 45 runners and 53 non-runners since 1984. All had been taking regular X-rays. The latest results, which will appear in a future edition of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, show that after 18 years, 20 per cent of the runners had developed osteoarthritis in the knee, compared with 32 per cent of non-runners.

These studies raise a possibility that several earlier studies have proposed: Running may help preserve the joints. But that's not a conclusion that can be drawn at this point, says Eliza Chakravarty, lead author of the Stanford study.

"I don't think I would strongly recommend running for the purpose of protecting the knees."

One drawback with both studies is selection bias. The runners in both cases were committed recreational runners who had a history of being able to run without serious problems.

Data for non-runners who are considering taking up running are harder to come by - a gap that was partly addressed by a large-scale study that appeared last year in the journal Arthritis & Rheumatism, involving 1,279 subjects from the famously long-running Framingham Heart Study.

Rather than studying "runners" versus "non-runners" the researchers examined the general study population, looking for associations between exercise (including running) and the development of knee osteoarthritis over a nine-year period. They found no link, suggesting even overweight non-runners can start exercising without putting their knees at risk.

In sharp contrast, though, the American College of Sports Medicine recently reported that each additional pound of body mass puts four extra pounds of stress on the knee, so packing on a pound a year for about a decade increases your chances of developing arthritis by 50 per cent - a fairly powerful argument for running to keep off weight and protect your knees.

Of course, the decision doesn't have to be strictly utilitarian. As one of the Vienna study participants (who was preparing to run his 37th marathon) put it in a recent e-mail to lead author Wolfgang Krampla, "Even if minor aches and pains occur over the years, the gain in joie de vivre far outweighs them."

Alex Hutchinson is a former member of Canada's long-distance running team, and has a PhD in physics.


Go the extra mile

A long-term Austrian study of long-distance runners revealed that runners were less likely to develop osteoarthritis of the knee than non-runners were.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Human Race Training Run n Nike Zoom Victory +

This Morning we did the First of 5 Sessions - Nike's Human Race Training Runs, a 4km run starting from Playground @ Big Splash. I totally enjoyed this training run , the atmosphere was great n the people were very friendly!! The pace was not that Fast n Furious at all !! For the Accidental Leader Runner was me!!! I was there as MR25's running supporter team to help out in this training run. After Ben Pulham's Great Dynamic Warm-Up , suddenly i was asked by the Nike Staff to take the Lead for the Run. Haha.. and i Just Run ( hehe .. not knowing the actual U-Turn point ).. leading a small group of 7-8 front runners at steady 5min pace toward McDonalds. Upon a reaching that area, i realised that we have only covered about 1.6km. The U-Turn Marshal, "the Bald AngMo" was no where to be found,. So we kept running till our Nike Sportband read 2km and I then U-turned the runners back to the Start. The main body of runners did not followed us and were turned back by the U-Turn marshal who missed our front running group as he positioned himself on the wrong side of the route n he was at the wrong U-Turn point! Only the group of front runners with me did the full 4km while i guessed the rest did about 3.3km!! A group of Friendly n Fun Loving Running Leaders were pacing and motivating Human Race Runners! Overall, it is Good Run that brought Runners of all abilities together to train in friendly n fun ways! Thanks, Nike!!! Hehe.. plus, the Lucky draw prizes were very good.. top prize was a I-Pod! Why Wait? Come join in the Fun. Just DO it!!!
24906161_w zoom_victory_trainer
Back to Nike Zoom Victory, i was one of the Lucky One who arrived there early enough to be given the opportunity to test trial the new Nike Zoom Victory!!
The Nike Zoom Victory+ running shoe is for the runner looking for a great lightweight feel on the foot and a fast responsive feel off of the ground. New Flywire upper technology creates a great fit in an extremely lightweight package. Open mesh upper offers superior breathability and lightweight feel. Full-length Phylon™ midsole. Heel and forefoot Zoom Air™ units add low, responsive cushioning. BRS 1000™ carbon rubber in the heel delivers durability. Modified rubber Waffle® forefoot provides great traction and cushioning. Wt. 10.2 oz.
How It Fits

  • Sizing: Standard running shoe length
  • Heel: Medium to narrow
  • Mid-foot: Medium volume
  • Forefoot: Medium to narrow width
  • Toe-Box height: Medium
  • Arch structure: Low

Pronation Control Technology
Designed for neutral pronation & supination

  • Midsole: Single-density full-length Phylon
  • Shape: Semi-curved
  • Construction Last: Full-length strobel lasted Phylon

Cushioning Technology

  • Midsole: Full-length Phylon
  • Heel: Zoom Air-sole unit
  • Forefoot: Zoom Air-sole unit

Upper Materials

  • Lightweight breathable Flywire design
Outsole Technology

  • BRS 1000 carbon rubber in the heel and modified rubber waffle for traction and cushioning
My Humble Observations!
* I felt like a Olympian running in Victory!! - This Nike Zoom Victory is one of Nike's footwear that will be used in the coming Beijing Olympic!
* Victory is Very Light and the Toe-box area is Wide and Roomy - Great for Asian's wider Feet! There is no need for me to Upsize for this particular Nike model get a more comfortable forefoot fit!
* The MidFoot Sole has a firm Cushion and yet Very Flexible! - Great for Fast n Furious Toe-Off!
* The Heel n MidFoot Cushions provides Very Good Protection - Although, running on the hard concrete at ECP.. i felt very comfortable in Victory, the cushions were shocking the impacts and shocks from the hard surfaces verywell!
* The Broad Waffles MidFoot Base with " Rocking Curves" provides Good Stability and a Responsive n Efficient Take-Off - Neutral Mid Foot Runners will love "Victory" as this shoes "work hard" for the runners rather than the usual situation where in lesser running shoes, the runners got to work Harder!!
* The Inside Material that surrounds the ankle and heel, although very thin but surprisingly, provides good comforts and wrapped around them well!!
* The Heel n Ankles Tabs is a little High - so do wear a higher and thicker ankle sock to prevent possible abrasions at the heel and side of the ankle!

I would Love to get the opportunities to test trial the New Lunar Trainer n Vomero 3( V3) in the coming Nike's Human Race Training Runs! I heard that the V3 is more responsive n have firmer midfoot cushions than my present V2! Haha.. U can "Moon Walk" like Micheal Jackson in the Revolutionary Nike Lunar Trainer!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Ladder of Success!

Found this Strengthening Drills Video very Interesting!!
The Gouchers and the rest of Nike's Oregon Project group, coached by Alberto Salazar, do "an hour a day of non-running exercises--a set of 12 separate drills that are designed to strengthen and protect various parts of the body."

Most world-class runners do some sort of stride drills after their daily workouts.
By Martin Dugard PUBLISHED 08/29/2001

Over years of running, inefficiencies can creep into your stride. Often, an injury changes the way you run. Or maybe one leg has become stronger than the other for some reason, or you've started swinging your arms across your chest too much.

Stride drills can help. Most world-class runners do some sort of stride drills after their daily workouts. They know these simple exercises optimize their stride by searing proper mechanics into muscle memory. Niggling flaws work themselves out, posture improves, forward movement is accentuated. Following are four excellent stride drills to incorporate into your running program (a level grass field is the best place for them). Aim for two to four of each drill per session and cover at least 50 meters when you do each one.

High knees
Just like it sounds. Drive your knees skyward with each stride, like a drill major in a marching band. Don't worry about forward speed. Simply lift those knees high. This drill strengthens your hip flexor muscles and improves your push-off power.

Butt kicks
Almost the opposite of high knees in that you're doing an exaggerated back kick. Literally, you should be "kicking your butt" with the heel with each stride. This drill stretches and strengthens your quadriceps muscles.

Yep, just like you used to do in grade school. Use a slightly exaggerated arm motion to propel yourself upward and forward. Skipping improves your coordination and push-off power.

As if you were jumping from one rock to another, exaggerate your normal running stride's height and length. Run in slow motion, alternately letting each foot do all the work of absorbing impact, then pushing off. This drill improves coordination and strengthens glutes and calves.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The 3rd NIE Director's Race !

The 3rd NIE Director's Race is here again. The fun-filled event will be held on Friday 22 August from 4.30pm to 9.15pm. Besides the competitive and fun run, there will also be an exciting Director's Challenge, a new event consisting of activities for teams to put their teamwork, talents and wits to the test.

The adopted beneficiary for this year's Director Race is the Singapore Children's Society.

Full Details & Registration

The Durian Run!!!

The Durian Run was very Fun! It was filled with Jokes n Laughters!! Haha... Two "Old Birds" trying Hard to teach a "Spring Chicken" about "Birds n Bees" while dashing through IMH n HSP !

Yes, there was just 3 of us doing the Inaugural Durian Run. The Run Leader, young Tohmin, Paul( White Hair Golden Boy who first met Brokie under the FatBird !) n the old bone, DO. I arrived at the meeting place early. Paul was next and i recognised from I-Run and that he staying around my area as well! Tohmin was last and was 10 mins late!!! We did a loop around the stadium area and checked if any "Durian Runners" might be waiting at the wrong spot!

We proceeded to IMH via YCK rd. On route there, we ran passed the last remaining Malay Kampung which has at least 2 Durian Trees in their compound. The Malay compound still retains its old rustic n simple ways. We ran a loop with the IMH compound which quiet n shady for most part till we ran passed a IMH's housing block where we heard shouts, screams n laughters !! The Young Tohmin remarked that he like to run there during night , it reminds him of the Wild Wild Days and Night in OK bars n Pubs !!! Seow Liao, mayb this young one "selamated" from that compound not too long ago!!

We continued to Buangkok mrt, where Paul shared with us his Hash Runs Adventures !! We found out that he stayed in Thailand for nearly 2 decades and running a small hardware business there. He speaks Thai and his wife is Thai too!!! We ran passed SengKang CC where the Punggol Runners starts their runs. Paul indicated that he will join Mike Kang for some of their runs there. Made our U-Turn at Punngol MRT station, ran along the Serangoon River back to Kovan Via SengKang East way! That's How our 15km extended to more than 20km!!

Went to Kovan for our drinks n makan .. no ..we din eat Durians!!! Well.. we did run pass some Durian Trees n many Stalls selling the King of Fruits !!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

I-Run! Cool in Blue!!

Team FatBird, Looking Cool in our Blue " Uniform" leading the I-Run @River Promenade!!!

Here is Dream's FR!

I-Run @ Singapore River Promenade

Every Tuesday and Thursday (3 km, 5 km, 7km) at Singapore River Promenade
Time : 6.30pm - 7.30pm

An initiative aims to encourage working adults to engage running as part of a healthy lifestyle. There are different distances (3km, 5km, 7km) available for participants with different running abilities.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Busy Week!

Saturday, Went for Early Morning, from my nest to OUTR(includes part of Animiles Route)n back abt 20km. Evening joined the Mega Feasting at Safra MF's BBQ @ Aloha Changi! At Midnight, several of us went Changi Simei CC did the Skipping Charity Event! I did enough to donate abt 200 bowls of Rice to the Needy!

Sunday's Morning, I did the PI Pure 12km Run, completed in 57mins. Joined the SGRunner's Post MR 15km Fam Run's makan session after the PI run.
Mon, did a short 5km around my nest before rushing off to settle some urgent matter.
Tue, helped out I-Run @River Promenade!
Wed, Did a 10km Tempo Run @ IBP
Thur, Lasik Enhancement at SNEC then in the evening helped out I Run in CBD area!

TGIF!!! Happy 4th July!! Freedom Day!


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