Friday, August 29, 2008

Newton ForeFoot Running Shoes!

Finally, Keypower has just brought long awaited Newton Running Shoes to Singapore!! I can't wait to test this new concept forefoot shoes.. Hmm... i remembered Choonwei used Newton for our Kedah 50km Ultramarathon, he finished in great shape!!

Newton Running shoes were designed by runners for runners to mimic the advantages of barefoot running.Whether training or racing, Newton Active Membrane Technology™ provides greater shock absorption, greater energy return while promoting the natural and more efficient forefoot strike of barefoot running.

Monday, August 25, 2008

FatBirds @ AHM!

Here are some of the photos of Team Fatbird with fellow SGRunners Forumers at AHM
AHM2008 212
I completed Sunday's 21km AHM in 63 V9118 ONG CHENG SOON Singaporean 0:45:47 01:40:27 01:40:47 The Great Weather must have helped in achieving this respectable timing, especially i did not do any trainings for this race except those I-Run @ RP sessions!
I suspect the "fartlek" running at I-Runs help our speed !! Team FatBird did well with good race timings !!!
Courtesy of Rachstar.. her creative AHM poster

Friday, August 22, 2008

Looking Pretty in Lunars!

Here are Lucky n Shwe Babes who got to Test Trial the Nike Lunars First before the whole of Singapore!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Running on Pillow.. Lunarlite!

Interesting Insights on How NikeLab Goes About Designing the new Lunar Running Series!
Super-light, extra cushy Lunarlite foam reduces overall weight of consumer running shoe and gives the feeling of running on pillows.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nike's Lunar "Magic Ride" Run!

FatBirds were selected amongst the very few in Singapore to be the first to try the Nike Lunar Running Footwear which will be launched in Singapore in October this year! I guessed it's Nike Way in recognising the efforts of Team FatBirds for our run leading and pacing roles at the Nike Human Race Training Runs! Besides FatBirds, Speed Monsters like Vivan, Kien Mau and Ben Pulham, our Safra friend,Shirlyn and other runners from the media were there too.
Sacha, (Ekin, Nike) presented a brief talk on Lunar Technology and that disclosed that Jeanette Wang, the Winner of Sundown 84km used just one pair of extremely lightweight but yet cushy Lunar Racer for the full distance!! and that she was handed the Lunar Racer just a few days before the race with little "breaking in"!!! WoW!!! Can't wait to test out the Lunar Racer soon!
I have to rotate 3 pairs of running shoes for the 84km!! That's how hard the surface of the Sundown route.. mainly hard concrete!! I am amazed that the lite petite Lunar Racer has withstood all those 84km pounding!!!
Mike-Lunar-Racer-mercer-21-1Lunar Racer

Picture0007Lunar Trainer
We were each given a pair of the " Moon" Trainer for the 5km " Magic Ride " Run around the Changi Business Park! Here are the Fun and Moments of the Run captured by FatBirds Anthony n FatBird J!

After the test trial run, everyone felt very Satisfied n Happy with the performance of their Lunar Trainer!! I am sure that we will be sharing our excitements n happy experiences of this new Nike "Moon Gem" with their fellow Runners!
Here is my Humble Observation of the Lunar Trainers!
* Lunar Trainer is Very Light( 9 oz ) and the Toe-box area is Wide and Roomy - Great for Asian's wider Feet! There is no need for me to Upsize for this particular Nike model to get a more comfortable forefoot fit! It's is extremely Light for a "Full Cushioned Marathon Capable" Running Shoes!!
* The MidFoot Sole has a light bouncy feel on Light Jog but Turn Firm and Responsive when You pick Up Speed ! - It is built for both Fast n Furious Runners n Novice Runners alike !
* The New Lunarlite 's Heel n MidFoot Cushions provides Very Good Protection - Although, running on the hard concrete path n on tarmac.. i felt very comfortable in Lunar trainer, the new cushion material absorbed the impacts and shocks from the hard surfaces very well! I am impressed with its Responsiveness as well!
* The Broad Waffles MidFoot Base provides Good Stability and a Responsive n Efficient Take-Off - Neutral Mid Foot Runners will love "Lunar" as this shoes "work hard" for the runners rather than the usual situation where in lesser running shoes, the runners got to work Harder!!
OUTSOLE: Geometry and placement of outsole lugs add mechanical cushioning properties BRS1000 rubber in high abrasion areas. - Hmm.. the rubber wear pads seem a little too thin!! Durability of Lunar Trainer may be a issue!
* UPPER: It has the Nike Free last for anatomical fit. Breathable mesh construction. Padded tongue for additional comfort. Reinforced lateral metatarsal area. - Felt that the padding at front of of toebox might cause abrasion and blister especially on the side of the Big Toe n the last toe!
* The Heel n Ankles Tabs - felt some discomforts on the side of the ankle n on the Achilles! Hope they will not cause Skin Abrasion on Longer Runs!!

Looking forward to further test trial my Lunar Trainer during the Marathon Pacers 18km Training Run and Human Race 8km Training Session this weekend!
Tested the Lunar Trainer during the 18km Marathon Pacer Training Run at ECP this morning.
My Humble Observations
* Confirmed my suspicion that the ECP's Tarmac biking path( as hard as the concrete surfaces) is much harder than the normal road tarmac. Even the superior Cushions of the Lunarlite material yielded to the extremely hard surfaces at ECP. I felt that the Lunar Trainer lost some of her responsiveness there!
* I had a small blister on the side of the left Big Toe from the abrasion with the padding on the front of the toe box. I will use the "marathon lacing" to prevent heel slippage in the next LSD run.
* Also, experienced some slight rubbing and redness on my right Achilles after the run.
* I guess that longer "running in period" might be necessary before my Lunar trainer conforms to my feet contours! I will wearing the Lunar a few more times at I-Run Sessions before deciding whether to wear my new Lunar for the Army Half Marathon next weekend!
Live your Digital Dream with Canon.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

"Real" Special for I-Runners

To promote the I-Run spirit, there is a drive to have at least a team of 50 I-Runners at the New Balance Real Run 2008. I-Runners will be getting a special sign up rate for the coming Real Run in September. To enjoy this special sign up rate (Group Discount) you have to sign up as a group with us. Just download the registration form from the official website, fill up accordingly, duly signed and submit to us with exact cash amount. ($28).

To qualify for this you must be a registered I-Run participant and must have a minimum of 4 attendances in the month of August – September. Please inform your friends who are planning/training for the Real Run to join us and enjoy the Special Group Rate.

Special I-Run rate for Real Run - $28.

Person in-charge for I-Run location for Real Run Registration forms.
River Promenade – Anthony Sum (Team FatBird)
International Business Park – Maverick S (Exer-Fit)
Science Park – Maverick S (Exer-Fit)
Let us know during the I-Runs if you are interested.

PS: Please do not do an on-line sign up but register through us. We will consolidate all the registrations and submit for you. The confirmation forms for your race pack collection will be given to you soon after that. Please submit all your registration forms by 29th Aug.


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