Friday, July 10, 2009

New perks for runners!

Seriously..Running is one of the most efficient and inexpensive ways to stay healthy and trim those excessive Fats! Runners still need more Perks ?????

July 10, 2009
New perks for runners
As for the Singapore Marathon, its organisers are considering new routes for the Dec 6 run so that runners can enjoy new sights.
These routes would side-step the ongoing construction in the Central Business District to take runners past new attractions like the Marina Barrage, as well as to cope with the crowds.
'Right from the time that runners register for the race to the time they complete it, we want their experience to be seamless and memorable,' said Mr Lim Cheng Teck, chief executive of Standard Chartered Bank Singapore, which is the title sponsor of the race.
One bad thing about the boom in participation is that the costs of organising these races are skyrocketing. And in the depressed economic climate, gatheringsupport from sponsors is a difficult task.
Mr Oon Jin Teik, chief executive of the Singapore Sports Council, the co-organiser of the Singapore Marathon, said: 'There is a lot more hesitancy and questioning on the value of (the event).'
Germany-based sportswear giant Adidas, which helped to sponsor both the Singapore Marathon and the Women 10K races last year, has pulled out, thanks to a 'shift in sports marketing focus'.
Still, the races are proving to be draws for big names.
New Balance has come on board for the Singapore Marathon with a three-year apparel-sponsorship deal, while Fila has replaced Adidas as the apparel sponsor for the Women 10K.
New Balance Singapore representative Patrick Wong said: 'It's natural for us to come on board the biggest running event in Singapore's running calendar.' -- MYPAPER

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