Thursday, January 20, 2011

Moments that make you feel so damn "OLD" !

Moments like this, will make you feel damn OLD!
He was running till his heart nearly popped out while this pretty babe was just happily waving her little handkerchief and was jogging effortlessly beside him!   
That's Life!  Do you want to run hard or just run " Swee" har? haha... :)   
Be Happy. Just Run.

Young HappyFeet would have ask for her hanky to wipe his sweat and  also for her hands, so that they can stroll lomantically to the Finish line hand in hand ! 
Stupid Old DO ran so hard for WHAT! hehe... :D

"DO就要死, 美女高兴翼翼挥舞着她的小手绢跑"

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