Tuesday, January 18, 2011

She is definitely a Runner! A Pretty Runner!

I'm a Runner: Elisabeth Hasselbeck

This cohost of The View loves running for all the ways it benefits her life. 
By Rebecca Rothbaum 
Image by Michael Lavine From the January 2011 issue of Runner's World

Right, people look at it as a way to lose weight, rather than a means of relaxation or overall health.
"And it can certainly speed all of those things. On any given day your run can mean something different to you. On Monday it's training for a race, by Tuesday it's a means of transportation, by Wednesday it's because I feel I need to break a good sweat. It progresses and it changes, I believe. It's great to focus on why you're out there, but it's also okay to run for no reason and just because you love it."  Yes, it's Okie to run for no reason .  Be Happy. Just Run.

Do you love it ( Running)?
"I love it! I love what running does for me. I love the time that I get just to think. I love that I'm pushing myself be it on a treadmill or in the park. I love that time. And I don't know if it's that line of the family gene. But I absolutely love it. I don't always love getting up in the mornings to do it, but once I'm going, I'm in love with it."
Elisabeth Hasselbeck

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