Saturday, February 12, 2011

HappyFeet's " SQ " (*o* ) Run. 12.02.2011

HappyFeet started her " SQ" run from her nest for the Zoo early in the morning.  Rather uneventful till she reached old upper thomson road, met and exchanged greeting with many of the Animiles Runners, (SC,Anna,Lieu, Alan and more) returning from "pre dawn raids" .  Also, saw Ashley and Charlotte doing their "ninja" training run there too.

At Seletar Reservoir, a young sporty runner in his "huaraches" saw HappyFeet heading toward the zoo, and mentioned to her that the mandai road running paths to the zoo are blocked by many fallen trees and still accessible by using the main road! HappyFeet smiled and said , " Okie ..Thanks! " and continued toward the Zoo direction.

And true, the running path was blocked, she ran along the side of  main road before she decided that it was not wise to run with her back facing the on-coming Bike terrors and Big Road monsters. :P  She U-Turned toward the Sembawang road direction. HappyFeet did not managed to visit her "friends" at the zoo.  :(
Reached the Mandai/ Sembawang road junction, decided that she  has never ran on the other side of the road and crossed over and continued her run down sembawang road.

Then HappyFeet saw the fast water flowing down this canal, and there was a running path next to the canal , she ran with the "flow" . She was very glad that she did, the canal run was quite scenic .. clear and clean water,  people fishing there and also, a man in the canal harvesting the aqua plants !  Next time, she will go back with her LX3 to capture those scenes.

This detour led her to Lentor Road and she ended her "SQ" run after looping round the Bottle tree Park.  Distance Covered 27km ... Opps.. 8km short. DO is satisfied , but HappyFeet is not so "happy" with continuous concrete pounding! :) Tomorrow 's  25km trail run will make her more happy. :)

HappyFeet's "SQ" Run Update: * 13.02.2011 *
HappyFeet did her 2hr plus "happy-a wondering", hopped, slipped and slided from MR to Bukit Timah Hill Area . Landed herself at Bukit Timah Food Centre( near Toh Tuck Rd), had a yummilicious bowl of Mee Pok Dry, a sinful plate of very black fried carrot cakes and waited 15mins for a cup of Kopi -C! This is what's Running about.. RUN To EAT! Be Happy. Just Trail Run! :)

HappyFeet's "SQ" Run Update: * 14.02.2011 * 
HappyFeet celebrated Valentine's doing the MR 10.5k trail loop this evening... She run free like a child again, completely relaxed and at peace, and so in touch with her primitive nature. She feel so recharged and energized now. She congratulates her Valentine's date, Dennis who completed his virgin trail run in his VFF too. :-) Haha... okie the "SQ " trial runs finally done! :-)

HappyFeet's " SQ" (*o* ) Run is a series of back to back   " SunDown Qualification" personal trial runs over 3 days to determine whether her body, mind and soul is ready to take on the Sundown 2011, 100km Ultra marathon challenges. :)

HappyFeet - Be Happy. Just Run

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