Tuesday, February 08, 2011

"The Morning After Run".. the newly discovered MR trail route.

HappyFeet loves this newly discovered short stretch of trail route so much, she went back with a camera last evening.
This short stretch of trail route is so serene, peaceful and remote. One can hear the sound of water flows from the nearby stream. Also, the rustlings of the dry leaves as the nature little creatures hurried into their hiding as we approached them.  It was love at first run for HappyFeet with her and her tranquility!!
Dennis ( Half past Six runners) was so kind to map the trail to complement the photos.
"The yellow line is Prunus Trail (used for the MR Ultra).

The green line is the Venus Trail used by most to get from the Venus carpark to the HSBC Treetop Walk. 
The red line is a 11.37 km route which includes the Venus Loop & the Northern Trail. Where the red line meets the green line is the stream with the small wooden bridge." - Dennis

Why is this run called "the morning after run"... well, you will have to ask my "FUn" buddies @ Harry's!  :P  That's another story for another day! :-)

So Peaceful and Serene..hear sounds of the water flow and nature.

Barefoot Trail Walker! Met this Japanese man who was doing the MR northern trail route BareFoot. Told me that it was his first time doing BareFoot on trail. haha... Lot of Ouch ..Ouch... he said. But, next time he might be wearing VFF, he asked me where to buy the VFF.  :P
DO Salutes for him good endurance and positive attitude, he was smiling all the time, regardless! :)

HappyFeet - Be Happy. Just Run

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