Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tokyo Marathon 2011... iRun . iHappy . iHaveFun!

      ♥ 頑張って, GamBatte! ♥
To all my fun loving  running friends doing the Tokyo Marathon this weekend, have loads of fun, keep warm and run safe.  :-)

Tokyo Marathon a narcissist's delight

Tokyo Marathon : ' I think we succeeded because we reached out to the inherent narcissism in people . Everyone, not just top athletes, like to see themselves trying hard and producing good results. If you consider the Tokyo Marathon as a stage, everyone involved--runners, organizers, people cheering on the streets--are all actors starring in a performance. " * GamBatte, You are All "Stars" on SunDay! :-)

Tokyo Marathon 2011 - iRun   

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" The Tokyo marathon project is turning out to be quite an emotional experience, bringing about real change in my outlook upon life and what I’m doing here..... "

"The key seems to be to enjoy it, to have fun with your running – and that’s what I’m doing. I’m not particularly interested in running official ultra-marathons. Instead I’d rather find my own way to use this sport in a creative, exciting and original way...." 

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