Monday, March 07, 2011

Scott Jurek, the Ultimate Ultramarathoner.

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World renowned ultramarathon champion, power vegan, running coach, physical therapist, passionate plant-based cook, and star of NY Times bestseller "Born To Run".. FaceBook Page.

Scott on barefoot running:
·         Gave a disclaimer prior to talking about barefoot running- he works for a running store and is sponsored by Brooks. 
·         He believes it is an excellent training tool to teach form and technique.
·         He also believes it should be done with caution.  He expressed some concern about the explosion of popularity of barefoot running because people were doing too much too soon.
·         Didn’t think it was good for trail racing (at least for the really fast runners) due to rugged terrain.  When he talked about his race pace, I agree with him. J
·         The Tarahumara had no interest in VFFs or barefoot running. 
·         Helps build proprioception (position of feet in relation to body… think balance) skills
Scott on modern running  shoes
·         The build-up of soles is bad, more minimal shoe is ideal because it places the foot closer to the ground, less chance of injury.
·         Sees shoe companies making a transition to minimalist philosophy in the very near future (mostly in response to barefoot/VFF phenomenon)
·         Talked about the need for muscles being used for cushioning, not shoes (in response to question regarding his thoughts on “spring” technology in shoes).
Scott on Form/ Injuries
·         Mentioned research that indicated 90 strides/minute good, 95 strides best… most runners stride too slow, causes over-striding.
·         Midfoot strike is superior (though he did use a heel strike on occasion on the run)
·         Run relaxed
·         Weight training is essential- running does not strengthen muscles (he’s a physical therapist), cause of many injuries
·         When rehabbing injuries, we should continue doing exercises after recovered as a means of preventing future injuries

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