Monday, April 18, 2011

A Night Run Event Best to be Forgotten!

HappyFeet just want to remember the friendship and bonding of the marathon runners who were there to support and cheered on each other. Thanks for being there for each other! :)

Yes, a Night Event Best to be Forgotten by the Running Community! :(
Like our wise MM MO said " Malaysians work real fast ! Unity in running.... Don't mess with the 'running community'..."

If you really need to know more about this chaotic event , Check out the following FaceBook Pages.

Boycott Energizer Night Race

Energizer Night Race KL 2011: We want justice

Social media disaster: Energizer Night Race 2011

With such rude and aggressive attitude to runners... no wonder things went so terribly wrong that night!    Video : Such Arrogant Organiser!

HappyFeet - Be Happy. Just Run

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