Friday, April 22, 2011

North-Eastern Wetlands & Trails - 22Apri2011

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Photos 109-130.. Courtesy of Dennis Quek.

Route: Run from Kovan Hub to Lorong Halus Wetland and back by the Punggol PCN. Exploring the scenic trail along the Sungei Serangoon and a view of the Singapore 17th Reservoir.

1. 1.8km on road from Kovan to entrance of trail (along Tampines rd opposite Defu Lane)
2. Enter trail and flat all the way to Buangkok Flyover
3. Continue run from Bunagkok flyover ...under the flyover, trail all the way to TPE flyover
4. Reach Lorong Halus wetland trail, and venture up a small hilly slope
5. Down small hilly slope and out to road leading to Lor Halus Wetland (Reeds growing area)
6. Toilet break, continue to the Dam (connecting Coney Island and Pasir Ris)- a view of the sea & Pulau Ubin
7. Return back via the red bridge and along the new Park Connector to Buangkok flyover...exit and cross traffic light
8. After crossing traffic light, down slope to another section of the sungei Sernagoon Park Connector along Hounang Ave 7 leading to Tampines Rd traffic junction
9. Exit from Sungei Serangoon Park Connector(Tampines Ave 7) and back to Kovan hub 206
Route provided by CK Chin.

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