Tuesday, August 02, 2011

MILO Marathon the Elimination Race , Manila - 31July2011

" All these efforts are in line with the commitment of MILO® to build a nation of champions. Because MILO® believes that MILO® is not just giving away running shoes, but also providing these kids with something they can wear to be champions not just in sports, not just in school, but also in life. "

DO with the Race Director, Coach Rio.

You know it is always great fun traveling with MO n HAz, but when you plus Jen, Aileen, Sam, Vincent, Bernard and Tang ..it was a " Fun Riot"!

It was one of the wettest marathon I ever ran, it was raining throughout. But, was a great n fun experience running in some of nicer part of Manila as well as navigating thru some of their infamous traffic chaos! :P
35th Milo Marathon Manila Eliminations
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