Sunday, February 27, 2011

U Run with the OMB Challenge

U Run with the OMB Challenge - A 10km run followed by a 31 storey climb up NTUC Centre! Race Report by FatBird Anthony -

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tokyo Marathon 2011... iRun . iHappy . iHaveFun!

      ♥ 頑張って, GamBatte! ♥
To all my fun loving  running friends doing the Tokyo Marathon this weekend, have loads of fun, keep warm and run safe.  :-)

Tokyo Marathon a narcissist's delight

Tokyo Marathon : ' I think we succeeded because we reached out to the inherent narcissism in people . Everyone, not just top athletes, like to see themselves trying hard and producing good results. If you consider the Tokyo Marathon as a stage, everyone involved--runners, organizers, people cheering on the streets--are all actors starring in a performance. " * GamBatte, You are All "Stars" on SunDay! :-)

Tokyo Marathon 2011 - iRun   

The World's Most Advanced Mobile Social Media Studio 

" The Tokyo marathon project is turning out to be quite an emotional experience, bringing about real change in my outlook upon life and what I’m doing here..... "

"The key seems to be to enjoy it, to have fun with your running – and that’s what I’m doing. I’m not particularly interested in running official ultra-marathons. Instead I’d rather find my own way to use this sport in a creative, exciting and original way...." 

Read More TameGoesWild....

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

4ge ( 2 3 * 0 2 ) = 4 6 ?

" A man is not OLD until regrets take the place of dreams."
                                                               John Barrymore

HappyFeet's ( 2 3 * 0 2 ) Happy Run . 23Feb 2011

" As you get older three things happen. The first is your memory goes, and I can't remember the other two..." ~ Sir Norman Wisdom ~ 

" I don't feel old. I don't feel anything till noon. That's when it's time for my nap."   

~ Bob Hope ~ 

" Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter. " 
~ Mark Twain ~  

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Sunday, February 20, 2011


Against all odds on the highways of America, Terry Hitchcock, in 75 days, carved his name into the history books as perhaps one of the most famous long distant runners of our times by running the equivalent of a marathon each day for 75 consecutive days – over 2,000 miles.  An only child raised by his grandparents, Terry rose from valleys of discouragement and despair to the pinnacles of success. 

“I firmly believe human beings can accomplish anything they put their minds to.  All they need to get started is
someone to show them it’s possible.”

- Terry Hitchcock

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

DO you still have DREAMS?

Based on a true story

What do people live for ?
For missing someone ?
For keep living?
For live longer?
Or for leaving ?

These 5 Taiwanese
Average aged 81
One has hearing problem
One has cancer
Three have heart disease
Everyone has degenerative arthritis

6 months of preparation
13 days travelling around Taiwan
1139 kilometers
From north to south
From night to day
For one simple reason

Thursday, February 17, 2011

♥ Happy Eastern Valentine's Day, 元宵节快乐! ♥

♥ Happy Eastern Valentine's Day !
                  元宵节快乐! ♥

Neil Pasricha: The 3 A's of awesome | Video on

Interesting & heartfelt talk/ sharing Video...
3 secrets (all starting with A) to leading a life that's truly awesome. :-) 
Let's savors life's simple pleasures... :-)
'3 As ' * Attitude * Awarenes...s * Authenticity     
- Neil Pasricha

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2013 Qualifying Times (effective September 24, 2011 )

B.A.A. to Offer Fastest Qualified Runners Early Acceptance into 2012 Boston Marathon With New Registration Process
BOSTON – The Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.) announced today a change in its registration process for the Boston Marathon, allowing the fastest qualifiers to enter the earliest and with a rolling admission system while also offering all eligible runners an increased registration period. The changes in registration are a response by the B.A.A. to greater than ever demand by runners to gain entry into the Boston Marathon and culminate more than three months of analysis, including input from the running industry. Rather than accepting runners who have met the qualifying standards on a first come, first served approach, a more systematic, performance-based process will be employed.

2013 Boston Marathon

For the 2013 Boston Marathon, in addition to the new “rolling admission” process for registration which will be in effect for the 2012 Boston Marathon, the B.A.A. will adjust the qualifying times by lowering them by five minutes from the times which have been in effect in recent past years. The adjusted qualifying times will go into effect on September 24, 2011, and are as follows:
Age Group Men Women
18-34 3hrs 05min 00sec 3hrs 35min 00sec
35-39 3hrs 10min 00sec 3hrs 40min 00sec
40-44 3hrs 15min 00sec 3hrs 45min 00sec
45-49 3hrs 25min 00sec 3hrs 55min 00sec
50-54 3hrs 30min 00sec 4hrs 00min 00sec
55-59 3hrs 40min 00sec 4hrs 10min 00sec
60-64 3hrs 55min 00sec 4hrs 25min 00sec
65-69 4hrs 10min 00sec 4hrs 40min 00sec
70-74 4hrs 25min 00sec 4hrs 55min 00sec
75-79 4hrs 40min 00sec 5hrs 10min 00sec
80 and over 4hrs 55min 00sec 5hrs 25min 00sec
*Unlike previous years, an additional 59 seconds will NOT be accepted for each age group time standard.
Registration for the 2013 Boston Marathon will begin on Monday, September 10, 2012.
“As the number of qualified runners has increased combined with greater demand to run the Boston Marathon, our new registration process enables those who qualify by the greatest amount of time to have the longest period to enter,” said Tom Grilk, B.A.A. Executive Director. “Our new registration process takes into consideration the many comments we received from runners this past fall and winter, most of whom urged the B.A.A. to institute a system which recognizes athletic performance above all else.”
Additionally, to recognize and to encourage longtime Boston Marathon entrants, the B.A.A. will allow those who have met the qualifying times and who have finished the last ten consecutive Boston Marathons to enter anytime during the registration period. Currently, there are approximately 500 runners who have run 10 or more consecutive Boston Marathons.
The B.A.A. last adjusted the qualifying times for the 2003 Boston Marathon, relaxing times for runners who were 55 years old and older. The last time the qualifying times were made more stringent was for the 1980 Boston Marathon.
The 2011 Boston Marathon reached its maximum field size of qualifiers faster than any previous year when qualifiers rushed to fill the race and the qualified field closed in eight hours, three minutes.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day to YOU! :-)

If more friends are like you, there will be more smiles, more adventures, and more friendships in this world. 
There will be more people who will dream of Running free, more happy runners and more marathoners.. there will be more sounds of laughter and more people will get to know that Running can be so Fun, Exciting and Fulfilling. 
YES, i am referring to YOU, all my good running friends! :) 
Happy Valentine's Day to you, my wonderful friends. :-)

More Than Words... Yes ..also show it and let them know how you feel... :-)

Many times. it's about the Right TIMING...:-)


This is Serious Valentine Overloading!!

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

HappyFeet's " SQ " (*o* ) Run. 12.02.2011

HappyFeet started her " SQ" run from her nest for the Zoo early in the morning.  Rather uneventful till she reached old upper thomson road, met and exchanged greeting with many of the Animiles Runners, (SC,Anna,Lieu, Alan and more) returning from "pre dawn raids" .  Also, saw Ashley and Charlotte doing their "ninja" training run there too.

At Seletar Reservoir, a young sporty runner in his "huaraches" saw HappyFeet heading toward the zoo, and mentioned to her that the mandai road running paths to the zoo are blocked by many fallen trees and still accessible by using the main road! HappyFeet smiled and said , " Okie ..Thanks! " and continued toward the Zoo direction.

And true, the running path was blocked, she ran along the side of  main road before she decided that it was not wise to run with her back facing the on-coming Bike terrors and Big Road monsters. :P  She U-Turned toward the Sembawang road direction. HappyFeet did not managed to visit her "friends" at the zoo.  :(
Reached the Mandai/ Sembawang road junction, decided that she  has never ran on the other side of the road and crossed over and continued her run down sembawang road.

Then HappyFeet saw the fast water flowing down this canal, and there was a running path next to the canal , she ran with the "flow" . She was very glad that she did, the canal run was quite scenic .. clear and clean water,  people fishing there and also, a man in the canal harvesting the aqua plants !  Next time, she will go back with her LX3 to capture those scenes.

This detour led her to Lentor Road and she ended her "SQ" run after looping round the Bottle tree Park.  Distance Covered 27km ... Opps.. 8km short. DO is satisfied , but HappyFeet is not so "happy" with continuous concrete pounding! :) Tomorrow 's  25km trail run will make her more happy. :)

HappyFeet's "SQ" Run Update: * 13.02.2011 *
HappyFeet did her 2hr plus "happy-a wondering", hopped, slipped and slided from MR to Bukit Timah Hill Area . Landed herself at Bukit Timah Food Centre( near Toh Tuck Rd), had a yummilicious bowl of Mee Pok Dry, a sinful plate of very black fried carrot cakes and waited 15mins for a cup of Kopi -C! This is what's Running about.. RUN To EAT! Be Happy. Just Trail Run! :)

HappyFeet's "SQ" Run Update: * 14.02.2011 * 
HappyFeet celebrated Valentine's doing the MR 10.5k trail loop this evening... She run free like a child again, completely relaxed and at peace, and so in touch with her primitive nature. She feel so recharged and energized now. She congratulates her Valentine's date, Dennis who completed his virgin trail run in his VFF too. :-) Haha... okie the "SQ " trial runs finally done! :-)

HappyFeet's " SQ" (*o* ) Run is a series of back to back   " SunDown Qualification" personal trial runs over 3 days to determine whether her body, mind and soul is ready to take on the Sundown 2011, 100km Ultra marathon challenges. :)

HappyFeet - Be Happy. Just Run

Friday, February 11, 2011

HappyFeet's " SQ " (*o* ) Trial.

HappyFeet's Sole&Soul " SQ " -  SunDown 100km Ultra Marathon Personal Qualification Trial.

" It is confidence in our bodies, minds and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventures, new directions to grow in, and new lessons to learn - which is what life is all about. "    - Oprah Winfrey, Oprah Magazine, May 2004

SunDown 100km UltraMarathon Details.

Hope HappyFeet can pass his own " SQ " ! :-)

HappyFeet - Be Happy. Just Run

LOVE but Remember to Sweat too!

" Based on California Fitness survey, many of us tend to * put on weight * during dating since couples go on dinner dates and tend to indulge in chocolates and cakes. " Wah... Datings make Us FAT!! ... GO Love but remember to SWEAT too on V-Day ! :P

Saturday / Sunday 12th and 13th February 2011.
Raffles Club from 2 to 5pm
At the L...ove & Sweat camp, couples will get to do full body condition with abs, butts & chest.

1. Partner Resisted Squats- Static or Dynamic
2. Partner Resisted Plank Circuit
3. Partner Resisted Stationary Lunges- Static or Dynamic
4. Partner Push-up-Row Combo
5. Partner Stretch and Pull.....
PAR-Q Warning: Remember not to indulge in too much Chocolates and Cakes just before you do the LOVE& SWEAT exercises. Not Nice for couples to puke undigested Chocolates and Cakes on each other hor!! Haahaa.. :P

"Happy Valentine's Day. Eat Safe !"
HappyFeet - Be Happy. Just Run.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

"The Morning After Run".. the newly discovered MR trail route.

HappyFeet loves this newly discovered short stretch of trail route so much, she went back with a camera last evening.
This short stretch of trail route is so serene, peaceful and remote. One can hear the sound of water flows from the nearby stream. Also, the rustlings of the dry leaves as the nature little creatures hurried into their hiding as we approached them.  It was love at first run for HappyFeet with her and her tranquility!!
Dennis ( Half past Six runners) was so kind to map the trail to complement the photos.
"The yellow line is Prunus Trail (used for the MR Ultra).

The green line is the Venus Trail used by most to get from the Venus carpark to the HSBC Treetop Walk. 
The red line is a 11.37 km route which includes the Venus Loop & the Northern Trail. Where the red line meets the green line is the stream with the small wooden bridge." - Dennis

Why is this run called "the morning after run"... well, you will have to ask my "FUn" buddies @ Harry's!  :P  That's another story for another day! :-)

So Peaceful and Serene..hear sounds of the water flow and nature.

Barefoot Trail Walker! Met this Japanese man who was doing the MR northern trail route BareFoot. Told me that it was his first time doing BareFoot on trail. haha... Lot of Ouch ..Ouch... he said. But, next time he might be wearing VFF, he asked me where to buy the VFF.  :P
DO Salutes for him good endurance and positive attitude, he was smiling all the time, regardless! :)

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Monday, February 07, 2011

Are we born to run?

Some of the best long distance runners live and race here…everyone who finishes the Copper Canyon Ultra-marathon wins 500lbs of corn. Enjoy the footage of these super athletes in their loin cloths and sandals. :)

Christopher McDougall: Are we born to run? | Video on   15min talk by the author of Born to Run

NOTE: Before you take off in your brand new Vibram Five Fingers, seriously consider going barefoot first. Build stronger feet and diminish your risk of injury.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Man runs marathon every day for a year

Source : CNN, February 6, 2011

(CNN) -- He already holds the honor of being the only person to complete 20 Iron Man triathlons in a single year, but now Belgian athlete Stefaan Engels has claimed another world record by running 365 marathons in as many days.
Engels completed his year-long mission at the Carretera de les Aigues race in Barcelona on Saturday.
The "Marathon Man" has covered a distance of 9,569 miles (15,401 kilometers) since setting off from his home town of Ghent on February 5, 2010, participating in races in Spain, Portugal, Canada, Mexico, Britain and United States, as well as several in his native country.
The 49-year-old has smashed the previous record of the most marathons run in one year, which according to the Guinness Book of World Records was held by 65-year-old Akinori Kusuda -- who ran 52 consecutive races in 2009.
I don't regard my marathon year as torture. It is more like a regular job
--Stefaan Engels

But in a statement on his official website, the former graphic designer played down his amazing feat.
"I don't regard my marathon year as torture. It is more like a regular job. I am running just as Joe Average goes to work on Monday morning, whether or not he feels like it," he said.
"I don't always feel like running, but when I am done, I take a shower, have some physiotherapy for an hour, and that wraps up my day."
Engels suffered from asthma as a child and was told he would never be able to do exercise. It was then that he decided he would start running the grueling 26.2-mile (42.195 kilometers) discipline.

He said he hopes to inspire others to take up exercise and has encouraged people to run marathons with him in the past.

CNN Report.
ESPN Report

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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

新年快乐 ! * 金兔迎春 *

DO(*o*)HappyFeet wishes you and your family a very Happy, Healthy and Blessed Lunar New Year !

HappyFeet - Be Happy. Just Run


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